Students at Queen's College study the two year A Level course in small class sizes. Most students take four subjects in the first year and then drop one subject, taking three subjects on to the higher level. University offers are made on three subjects and although some students do opt to study a fourth A Level, we encourage students to pursue a wide variety of co-curricular activities in the fourth block, developing leadership skills, undertaking community work or developing the personal and life skills much sought after at university level.

A minimum of five passes at GCSE, grade C and above, is required for entry to the Sixth Form and candidates without GCSE Maths or English Language will be required to re-sit these subjects in Year 12. EAL students follow an IELTS course instead of GCSE English and we aim to get all our international students to Level 7 to enable them to access the university course of their choice.

The Sixth Form Academic Handbook gives more information about individual subjects ... CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE to see our A Level results for the past three years.

The Grades System for 2016-17

A-level – Year 13

Grades from A* to E, many subjects are now on the new Linear A-levels which means that results are entirely based on the exams at the end of Year 13.

Other subjects are still on the old modular system and then the results from last year’s AS exams count towards their A-level grade.

Some students will retake some AS modules if they are doing a modular course.

AS-Level – Year 12

Subjects which have yet to be converted to the new Linear system will take AS exams this summer. These are Maths, Further Maths, Anthropology, Food Technology and Graphics. These are graded from A-E and will count towards the final A-level grade.

In special circumstances (eg. if it is possible the pupil will be dropping the subject after Year 12) then an AS might be sat in a Linear subject, but then this result will not count towards the A-level result next year.

In all Linear subjects an internal exam will take place in the week after half-term to assess the understanding of the Year 12 work. Should pupils not pass this then they will not be allowed to continue to study this subject in Year 13 (unless they pass a resit or change to repeat the Year 12 course).



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School Office: +44 (0)1823 272559