Results & Destinations

Results & Destinations

Many of our students go on to top universities once leaving Queen’s. In recent years we have seen many heading to their first choice universities with many taking up places in Russel Group Universities. In 2020, two of our students achieved 4 A* grades each and took up places in Oxford and Cambridge.


To see a breakdown of our GCSE results for 2018-20, please click here.


One of our top GCSE performers is a true all-rounder. Pippa – one of four students to achieve the top 9 grade in all 11 of her subjects – is also talented at sport and music.

She plays hockey in the South West performance centre, part of the pathway to England selection, and has been selected for Somerset U17s at cricket. Pippa, who plays for Queen’s at both sports, can also been seen regularly on the school stage – she plays both the flute and piano. She now moves into our Sixth Form where she will take Biology, Chemistry and Maths with the aim of going to university to study Medicine. “I’m really pleased,” she said. “I’ve been at Queen’s since Nursery and love it here.” Pippa also paid tribute to Mrs Megan Neenan, Year 11 Lead, for her support, adding: “I’m looking forward to taking my A Levels.”

One family flew over from Hong Kong specially for today’s GCSE Results Day.

Smiley, who achieved nine top 9 grades, was joined by her parents and sister, Jessica, who also went to Queen’s and is now studying Physiotherapy at Cardiff. With them was another student from Hong Kong, Jane – currently staying locally with a host family – who achieved the top 9 grade in all 11 of her subjects. Both girls are now looking forward to taking their A Levels here with Smiley studying Chemistry, Biology and Maths and Jane taking Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Computer Science.

Jane said: “It feels more like home here than a school – I’ve been here a while now and love the environment.”

Smiley added: “I really enjoy being at Queen’s – the teachers, the environment and the boarding house.”

Two more of our top performers were Hazel and Joseph, who both achieved the top 9 grade in all 11 subjects they took and are now moving into our Sixth Form. Hazel is going on to take Psychology, English, Spanish and Art while Joseph will study Physics, Maths, History and Spanish.

Hazel said she loved the community feel here at Queen’s, adding: “I’ve made so many friends here and it’s great that so many of them are staying on for Sixth Form.”

Joseph, who has been with us since Nursery, said he was “very pleased” with his results and that he really enjoyed school life.

Osa is looking forward to taking her A Levels in our Sixth Form, having achieved ten top 9 grades and one 8 in her GCSEs. She will be taking Chemistry, Maths, Art and Biology with the hope of going on to study Medicine at university and eventually becoming a doctor. “I’m very happy at Queen’s and looking forward to Sixth Form,” she said.

Falah – who achieved the top 9 grade in all ten GCSE subjects – is celebrating in Pakistan today. He said: “I’m still somewhat in disbelief about getting 9s in every subject.”

“I just wanted to say thanks to all the teachers – I know I couldn’t have done this well without all of them. I’m also grateful for having supportive and amazing friends, peers and family who encourage me to strive for my best.”

“For A Levels, I’m continuing at Queen’s and I’m taking RPE (Religion, Philosophy and Ethics), History, Maths and Further Maths and am still exploring what options I can take beyond that in the future.”

“While it would have been nice to celebrate with everyone at school, I’m happy to be celebrating with my grandpa, mum, sister and cousin in Pakistan.”

“I’m so proud of myself and everyone for all of our amazing results.”

We are proud to provide the full educational journey from Nursery to Sixth Form and some of our very successful GCSE students including Pippa and Joseph, are among those who joined in Nursery.

A Levels

To see a breakdown of our A Level results for 2018-20, please click here.


Two of our top performers in today’s A Level results were Molly Kelly and Rohan Fidell, who both achieved four A* grades.

Molly, who was also Head Girl, is going to the University of Edinburgh to study Medicine while Rohan will take Natural Sciences at Lancaster University.

Molly said she was “over the moon” with her results and thanked all of the teachers. “I would not have got in without their help – particularly in taking Biology in only one year.”

Rohan said he was “a bit overwhelmed” and that his results hadn’t really sunk in yet.“I’m very proud and also thankful to the school for providing such a great education, particularly during lockdown.”

Another student achieving four A* grades was Yvonne Guo, who is going on to study Economics at King’s College, London.

Other international students also achieved some great results. Sophia Hao recorded three A* grades and an A and will be studying Business and Marketing at Edinburgh while Lewis Yu and Samuel Li  both achieved three A* grades.

Lewis is off to the Chinese University of Hong Kong to study Quantitative Finance while Samuel is taking Mathematical & Physical Sciences at the University of Toronto.

Three of our students are eventually hoping to become doctors after their results.

Lauren Lowe and Tom Hopwood will both be studying Medicine at the University of Sheffield while Molly Kelly is off to Edinburgh. Also aiming for a career in health are Molly Rucklidge, who is going to study Physiotherapy at the University of Liverpool, and Andrew Smith, who is going on to take a Chiropractic degree at the University of South Wales.

Rosie Wooding paid tribute to our Performing Arts department as she prepared to go to Drama School. Rosie has appeared in various school productions – including the lead role in the recent ‘Daisy Pulls It Off’ – and also plays the cello. “I really have enjoyed my time at Queen’s,” she said. “The Performing Arts department have been brilliant and have helped me develop in so many different ways.”

“I’ve changed a lot at Queen’s and definitely for the better.”

Rosie is now off to Bristol to take a Certificate of higher Education in Acting and Theatre Making with the Fourth Monkey actor training company.

Amélie Lloyd is set for the experience of a lifetime following her A Level results. She is taking a gap year and is off to Korea to volunteer and visit family including setting up a children’s choir.

“I’m really excited – it’s going to be a big adventure.”

Amélie, who is going to help out at the school where her uncle works, has starred in a number of Queen’s productions and performances including taking the lead role in the critically-acclaimed ‘Sister Act’. She was also runner-up in the regional final of this year’s Rotary Young Singer of the Year competition, covering from Penzance up to Basingstoke and Gloucester. When she returns from Korea, Amélie is hoping to go to Drama School.

Two of our Heads of House – Jo Keogan (Ray) and Emma Forknall (Woolmer) – were delighted with their A Level results.

Jo is going to study Biology at York while Emma will be taking Primary Education at Winchester. Both have been full involved in student life at Queen’s, enjoying sport, music and outdoor pursuits and said they had thoroughly enjoyed their time here.

Vince Chin has been accepted to study Art Foundation at the prestigious Central Saint Martins in London. Vince – a boarder in Channon who has been with us since Year 9 – said he was delighted to be accepted as he was hoping to pursue a career as an artist.

“Art is my passion,” he added, also paying tribute to the staff in our Art Department. “They are really supportive and always push me to achieve my best.”

Miss Rebecca Cade, Head of Art, said: “We are incredibly proud of Vince. He is a brilliant artist and we are delighted he has achieved such wonderful success.”

There was a double celebration for the Bartlett family as twins Caitlin and Eleanor gained their university places. Caitlin will be studying Business and Events at Chester while Eleanor will take Adult Nursing at Southampton. The girls are from a Forces family and said they had enjoyed their time at Queen’s. Eleanor added: “It’s been a challenge but it’s all come together thanks to the help we’ve had from everyone here.”