Welcome to the Junior School

As parents, we all want the best for our children. One of the greatest satisfactions of being a head teacher is the pleasure that is gained from seeing a young child achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Of course, we want our pupils to achieve their very best academically and I know from speaking to parents that you want this and so much more. You want them to excel in a wide variety of disciplines alongside the academic, to enjoy sport and music, art and drama; you want continuity for your child, with a seamless transition through their primary years to secondary, all in a caring, supportive environment.

You want your child to be self-confident yet highly aware of the feelings of those around them; to be able to hold their own in any social situation, to be articulate and thoughtful in their dealings with others.

We are proud to offer all these things at Queen’s College Prep School in Somerset. From our Early Years’ provision in Highgrove Nursery to our older children in Year 6, we make it our business to know and understand your child and ensure that they have a breadth and richness of school experiences  building a strong foundation for their life ahead.

The comprehensive range of standardised assesments used in the Junior School shows that pupils achieve well and make considerable progress

ISI inspection report - September 2017

Our staff are passionate about and committed to bringing out the best in children. Everyone who works at Queen’s College, from our support staff to our dinner ladies and administrative assistants, enjoys the privilege of working and spending time with young people and nurturing their talents and ambitions.

Some may call us traditional in that we expect high standards in manners, behaviour, dress and conduct. However, we embrace the very best in modern education; in particular, our curriculum, teaching and resources are focussed on ensuring our pupils are prepared for life in the 21st Century. Our Christian ethos is important to us and is woven into the fabric of our day through assemblies, the development of social skills and the way we relate to and interact with each other and visitors to the school.

We are a friendly, family school and one that parents feel comfortable approaching. Communication between home and school is hugely important and our parents tell us they value this highly.

At Queen’s College Junior School we expect a lot from our children and they achieve a lot in return. Watching a child develop beyond expectation brings great job satisfaction and I can honestly say that I witness this around our school every single day.

Tracey Khodabandehloo



School Office: +44 (0)1823 272559 contact@queenscollege.org.uk

School Office: +44 (0)1823 272559 contact@queenscollege.org.uk