Pastoral Care

Pupils of all ages fundamentally need to be happy and secure at school. 

Queen’s College is enriched by the diversity of our students. All are individuals and we recognise that life does not always turn out as planned. From time to time, students do experience difficulties which take many forms and through our pastoral care, they are encouraged to talk about their problems and to seek advice.

We understand that the students’ problems could affect the rest of the family and occasionally, friends. Through experience we have been able to help families through difficult times.

The pupils benefit from the highly developed, tangible sense of community ... and grow into confident, tolerant, caring individuals

ISI inspection report - September 2017

Mr Andrew Free, Deputy Head, oversees all the pastoral care at Queen’s College as well as being the Designated Safeguarding Lead. Our Head Teacher, Dr Lorraine Earps is the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead / Child Protection Officer for the Senior School. There is a rolling programme of Child Protection Updates and training for all employees at Queen’s College.

A variety of topics is covered in the Pastoral, Social, Health and Moral Education (PSHME) lessons and in tutor time. A list of the topics for each year group can be provided on request. Outside speakers and video material are also used to enhance the pastoral care.

It is very important that both pupils and parents feel that they can raise any concerns and know that the matter will be dealt with in confidence and that help will be provided, either from staff in school or with the assistance of outside agencies. Queen’s College also has a newly refurbished Medical Centre which provides 24 hour cover and is staffed by fully trained nurses.

All employees, both academic and non-academic, are very aware that if a pupil is struggling and in need of support, there is a very clear process to follow in order to provide help. It is the responsibility of the whole College to respond with support.

Where to find help and support

To download our Safeguarding Poster (below), please CLICK HERE.

Safegoarding poster


In the Summer term before starting school, new pupils into Year 7 are invited for a Familiarisation Day which will introduce them to a day in the life of the Senior School.

This will include:
A tailor-made Assembly
Meeting with Houseparents
Fun in the labs
Acting, painting, cooking and a look at Design Technology
Orienteering competition around the Senior School

Parents are also invited to join us at the end of the day to meet key members of staff and enjoy a relaxed afternoon tea.

At the beginning of the Autumn term, each new pupil is allocated a ‘shepherd’ who knows the routine of the school day and who guides them around the school until they feel settled into school life. Wherever possible, we try to match new pupils to ‘shepherds’ with similar interests.

Everyone who visits comments on the friendly, family atmosphere at the school and the respect between all staff and the pupils is evident. Perhaps what is particularly striking about Queen’s College is the positive way in which teachers and students work together, not just to attain individual goals, but for the good of the whole community. The atmosphere of care, respect and concern for others as well as good humour are all part of the Queen’s College ethos.


Queen’s College prides itself on being a friendly and caring community. We operate a four tier counselling support system as empowering good communication often stops problems developing.

Tier one is pupil support and certainly one of the most impressive elements of the Queen’s College community is the way in which pupils care for one another.

Tier two encompasses in-house counselling support with the Chaplain, Deputy Head Pastoral, Medical Centre staff and Head Teacher.

Tier three, a more formal approach, includes the Medical Staff, NHS counselling and support services, an independent listener and counsellor and Tier four, only used for serious, long term issues, utilises the expertise of specialist external counsellors.

Awards and Sanctions

Commendations are awarded for good work, action or activity at Queen’s College and pupils are awarded these by the  Head Teacher in Assembly.

In addition, Form Prizes are awarded for attainment, effort and participation in Years 7-9 and subject prizes are given in Years 10 and 11.

Queen’s Awards are made to pupils in each Year group who have made an outstanding contribution to the life of the school or who have triumphed through adversity and are presented on Speech Day.

Colours, medals and trophies are presented for sporting, musical or dramatic success and Awards are given for completion of the Sports Leader’s course and the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

At their final Speech Day, Year 13 students are presented with a Recognition of Achievement Award which acknowledges their academic, cultural and physical contributions to the School, as well as their leadership skills and achievements and service to the School and wider Community. In effect, it summarises their education for life at Queen’s College.

All students are expected to follow the School Rules. To download a copy, please click here. There are clear guidelines on subjects such as school uniform, attendance, use of the Internet, mobile phone, how to behave in school, health and safety and behaviour to ensure that Queen’s College remains happy and respected. In the unlikely event of your child misbehaving, there are various steps that can be taken to get him/her back on track.

For a full copy of our Discipline Policy please click here.

Reporting abuse

To report abuse please visit or click on the button on the right. Report Abuse


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School Office: +44 (0)1823 272559


Methodist Independent Schools Trust

Registered Office: Methodist Church House. 25 Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5JR

Charity No. 1142794. Company No. 7649422