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Nursery, Pre-Prep and Prep

Fees may be paid in advance (see below)

Nursery SessionFees per session
0-2 YearsFull day
7.45am-6pm including lunch and free after school care
0-2 YearsHalf day£37
2-4 YearsFull day
7.45am-6pm including lunch and free after school care
2-4 YearsHalf day£35
Early Years Funding

Children aged 3 to 4 years (Nursery and Reception children) are also eligible for Somerset County Council’s Early Years Funding which begins in the term following the child’s third birthday until the term they are five, up to a maximum of 15 hours a week. Queen’s College will claim this on your behalf. For more information please contact the Council’s Entitlements Team on 01823 357039 or email eyfunding@somerset.gov.uk or see our Information for Parents booklet in the entrance hall.


SectionYear GroupDay FeeBoarding FeeOverseas Boarding
 Year 1£2,360  
 Year 2£2,360  
PrepYear 3£2,795£5,250£6,940
 Year 4£3,375£5,250£6,940
 Year 5£3,800£6,485£8,150
 Year 6£4,100£7,495£9,100
SeniorYear 7£5,395£9,195£10,995
 Year 8£5,995£10,735£12,595
 Years 9 to 13£6,565£11,500£13,495
Tuition fees are inclusive of most books and stationery, but exclude external examination charges
Registration Fee(no registration fee for nursery entry)£100  
 Pre-Prep and Junior£500  
 Senior School£500  
 Overseas Boarders£3,000  
Lunch for Junior/Pre-Prep day pupils per term£185  
Lunch for Senior day pupils per term£230  
Occasional boarding per night – dinner, bed and breakfast£50  
Extra Tuition – charge per 60 min lesson£49.20  
Extra Tuition – charge per 40 min lesson£34.30  
Extra Tuition – charge per 30 min lesson£26.10  
Extra Tuition – charge per 20 min lesson£17.95  
Music Instrument Tuition – charge per lesson
 Senior and Junior (40 min lesson)£26.65  
 Pre-Prep (30 min lesson)£20.50  
Sibling Allowances (for two or more children attending Queen’s simultaneously)   
 first sibling10%
 second sibling15%
 third and subsequent sibling/s20%

School fees are payable on the first day of the term. Highgrove and Nursery School fees are calculated on a daily basis and bills are payable by the 20th of the month following attendance

Please note: The cost of exam fees and other directly-associated exam costs are passed on by Queen’s College to the school bill payer.

Senior and Sixth Form

Year GroupDay (per term)Boarding (per term)Overseas Boarding (per term)
Year 7£5,395£9,195£10,995
Year 8£5,995£10,735£12,595
Years 9 to 13£6,565£11,500£13,495


Registration Fee£100


The deposit will be repaid, less any outstanding fees owing to the school, by means of a credit to the final payment when your child leaves Queen’s College.

Senior UK (Day and Boarding)£500
Overseas Boarder£3,000
Lunch for Senior day pupils£230 per term
Occasional boarding (dinner, bed and breakfast)£50 per night
Extra Tuition £49.20 per 60 minute lesson
£34.30 per 40 minute lesson
£26.10 per 30 minute lesson
£17.95 per 20 minute lesson
Musical Instrument Tuition
Senior£26.65 per 40 minute lesson


Sibling Allowances

For two or more children attending Queen’s simultaneously.

First sibling10%
Second sibling15%
Third sibling and subsequent sibling/s20%

School fees are payable on the first day of term.

Please note: The cost of exam fees and other directly-associated exam costs are passed on by Queen’s College to the school bill payer.


Flywire can be used for paying registration fees, deposits and termly bills.

Flywire offers multiple payment options, excellent foreign exchange rates and allows you to pay from almost any country. They will ensure that your payment arrives safely and accurately.

To make your payment, please click here.

If you require any help with your payment, please click here.

Payment of Fees

Fees for a child may be paid in advance by a single lump sum payment to cover estimated future fees. The calculation is made using the current fee rates at the time of quote for all future years.

Under the conditions of the scheme, we offer the option of covering future termly fees for which the child is expected to be at the school. The period covered must be at least three terms for the fees to be fixed at their current rate.

Please note this quote would not cover any extras.

If you would like a quote, please contact Mrs Lynn White in the Finance Office – 01823 340843 or email lmw@queenscollege.org.uk.

Insurances from September 2021

Personal Accident Insurance (including dental)

All pupils are covered up to £600,000 for Personal Accident Insurance, the policy details are available by clicking here and this cover is provided free of charge.

Personal Effects and Pupil Absence Cover

There is an option to take out insurances for personal effects and pupil absence – please click on the links for full details.

The termly charges for these insurances are as follows:

  • Personal Effects    £7.73 click here
  • Pupil Absence        0.73% of the termly fee click here

Should you wish to take out either of these insurances, please return the signed forms to: billing@queenscollege.org.uk


To Register your child, and for information about how to make the Registration fee payment, please click here.

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