English Language Support

English Language Support

Our English Language Support, assists pupils whose first language is not English.


EAL pupils attend EAL lessons in place of mainstream English and/or foreign language lessons, unless one of these is already their studied foreign language. Pupils follow a course using a variety of resources and methods to improve their language in terms of reading, writing, listening and speaking, using the CEF (Common European Framework) scales to monitor progress.

Within their EAL course they will receive extra support with skills which will assist them in all their subjects such as: note-taking, ‘skim-reading’ texts, report-writing, presentations, use of idiom and creative writing, as well as improving their general language level. Pupils are introduced to many aspects of international and English literature and culture to assist their general integration and knowledge. The EAL department will support your child in their subject work as necessary, and liaise closely with their subject teachers both to ensure efficient and appropriate support and to assess their progress. On entry into Year 12, they will be assessed on arrival to plan the appropriate level of support suitable to their needs. The EAL department also arranges termly trips to local places of interest to help broaden your cultural experience of living in the UK.


International English Language Testing System. This is how the English level is assessed, for non-British students joining British schools and universities. The English as an Additional Language (EAL) staff have a rich and varied experience of teaching international students and this knowledge and expertise, as well as a dedication to nurturing your child’s talents, is crucial in guiding them in the IELTS process. Most EAL students attend a course to prepare them for the IELTS exam which is world-recognised and a requirement for study at British universities. This exam is administered in the school by official IELTS examiners.  The exam has four parts – listening, reading, writing and speaking and assesses your child’s ability to use English in real-life and academic situations. There is no pass or fail in IELTS. Candidates are instead graded using scores from 1-9 for each part of the exam which then produce an overall score. This is valid for two years and administered by an official IELTS examiner.

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