Our Vision

“To develop healthy, capable and resilient young athletes, while achieving inclusive, sustainable and enjoyable participation. Students will experience success at all levels of individual athletic ability.”

Why is Sport and Physical Activity so Important?

  • Physically active students perform better in school than their inactive peers due to improvements in cognitive functioning and memory, leading to increased academic performance
  • Physical health benefits include improvements in general motor skills, functional fitness and physiological health
  • Mental health benefits include Improvements in self-esteem, body image and mood, resilience and initiative
  • Social health improvements include community cohesion, teamwork and positive relationships.

In summary, the Queen’s College PE Department wishes to:

OFFER – A diverse programme alongside quality coaching, which enables all pupils to discover a sport that they love.

INSPIRE – Creative and physically literate athletes, allowing all pupils to challenge and achieve their own personal best. 

CREATE – A lifelong love of sport through enjoyable participation and improving knowledge in how to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

We believe in early sports diversification and late specialisation. This ensures that a wider pattern of movements, skills and knowledge are developed, leading to well-rounded athletes who possess the movement strategies that are transferable across multiple sporting environments. A wider participation across a breadth of sports is beneficial for long term success, injury prevention and wellbeing.

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