The Queen’s Diploma

The Queen’s Diploma

What is it? 

The Queen’s Diploma is a sixth form initiative developed to prepare our young adults for and strengthen their opportunities in early adulthood and later life. It is an exciting initiative that inspires our students to extend themselves beyond the usual. The Diploma becomes a key ingredient in application writing: highlighting transferable skills and desirable character traits, and providing examples for competency-based questions on which they will later rely. Through this Diploma, our students will build new skills, gain a range of attributes and develop a habit of lifelong learning and commitment to citizenship.

The diploma inspires students to broaden their horizons across four different strands. 

  • The Core strand targets skills needed for life, for independence and to empower our young adults to embrace the journey to adulthood.
  • The Leadership strand provides a platform for students to lead others, and to be brave and advocate subjects they are passionate about.
  • The Growth strand encompasses all manner of skills to allow young people to develop and understand one’s character and what their role as a citizen is.
  • The Futures strand encourages students to gain a wealth of experience through various means and in a range of industries to evoke a passion for a potential career pathway.

Collectively the diploma will provide our students with a passion for lifelong learning, a curiosity across topics and expertise to go on and lead fulfilling lives and careers. 

How does it work? 

Every student is auto-enrolled when they join as a year 12 in September. 

Students work to achieve at least 150 credits towards the Queen’s Diploma over 13-15 months with a graduation at the end. Students can pick what credits they would like to gain across the four strands. Depending on credits accumulated students will be awarded with a Bronze, Silver or Gold award to reflect their dedication to the Diploma.

Students represent their achievements through the creation of their own website which is verified by staff in school

Find out more:

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What is it and how does it work?


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