Scholarships & Financial Assistance

Scholarships & Financial Assistance

Scholars are the heart of everything we stand for at Queen’s College. They are important to us as they work hard and promote the qualities that make Queen’s an individual school with family values. Working alongside other talented pupils is part of the challenge and creates a vibrant experience for our scholars.

Queen’s College Scholarships recognise exceptional aptitude and talent in a chosen area. The purpose of these awards is to attract students who:

  • Strive for excellence in their thinking and creativity
  • Are thoughtful, confident, reliable young people keen to be the future leaders of society
  • Have a strong moral and spiritual fibre

We encourage and support our scholars to do the very best they can at all times and to become individuals who will match or exceed our expectations.  Our aspiration is that they will contribute to the Queen’s community and be an inspiration to those around them.

We welcome applicants with a proven excellence and clear potential in the area of your specialism. We are keen to encourage you to apply if you are a top musician who also loves playing sport; an academic that is also appreciative of the arts or an excellent sportsman or woman who could lead a debate. Queen’s students contribute to the richness of the community and our scholars are there to be trail blazers to lead the way and set the standards.

Please ensure that your Head Teacher is aware of your application for a Queen’s College Scholarship – we will contact them for a reference as part of the admissions procedure.

Scholarships are available in the following areas – Academic, Art, Music, Performing Arts, Sport and Outdoor Education.

The Admissions team will be pleased to arrange an individual visit for your family and a taster day for the candidate prior to the scholarship assessments.

All candidates are welcome to apply for a means-tested assisted place in addition to the value of the scholarship award. Parents of candidates who are likely to require financial assistance should contact Admissions to request a financial application form, which should be completed and submitted at the same time as the scholarship application.

As a general guideline, major dual award scholarships are worth up to 20% of fees and single award scholarships up to 15%, irrespective of family means.

Scholarship Application Form

Assisted Places

In line with the College’s aims and inclusive nature, a number of means-tested assisted places are available for pupils who meet the College’s entry criteria but still require financial support to attend Queen’s.

We believe in providing children with the support and opportunities they need to fulfil their potential.  These assisted places can be stand alone or combined with scholarships.

We also offer sibling discounts.

All applications are considered by a bursary committee.

Please contact the Admissions team for more information about the bursary process – email

Sidney Lawton Music Trust

The Sidney Lawton Music Trust was established by Sidney Lawton, Director of Music at Queen’s College from 1947-1980, who was a highly published and respected musician and teacher.

Founded in 1989, the Trust’s primary aim is to help students at Queen’s College develop their musical talent. It administers funds to help young people at the school to enjoy and benefit from musical experiences which, owing to financial circumstances, they would not otherwise have been able to access.

Since its founding, the Trust has supported numerous students with grants to enable them to study musical instruments as well as supporting individual projects to further enhance the musical life of the College; many of these recipients have now gone on to careers in music themselves.

The Trust has also undertaken related projects to support music at Queen’s. Recent support has included the purchase of new instruments including clarinets, saxophones, French horns and viola, plus a contribution to the purchase of the Steinway Model D piano in the Queens Hall.

The Trust has supported a number of specialist music events, including workshops with the pianist Tom Poster, Janet Shell, Anna Markland, Tim Lowe, Fine Arts Brass, the Coull Quartet and the Pocket Opera Company. It has also sponsored students to go on the various music tours abroad organised by the College.

Applications are received through the Director of Music who presents them to the Trust for consideration. Once awarded a grant, a student is expected to contribute to and play a full and involved part in the musical life of the College, thus benefiting themselves and the wider community.

If you would like to know more about the Sidney Lawton Trust and how to apply for a grant, please contact the Director of Music, Ed Jenkins at

Summer At Queen's

Keeping your children entertained and engaged during school holidays can be a challenge, especially for busy working parents.  That’s why we partner with a variety of exciting holiday camp providers to offer a range of options for all ages and interests.


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