The Family School of Choice: Co-Educational and Non-Selective School for Ages 1-18

The Family School of Choice: Co-Educational and Non-Selective School for Ages 1-18

Welcome to Queen’s College; we are a co-educational day and boarding school for pupils aged 1-18. Our beautiful campus is situated on the edge of the county market town of Taunton in Somerset. Our gothic-style main building has been overlooking the beautiful Quantock and Blackdown Hills, areas of outstanding natural beauty, since 1846.

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A High-Performing and Seamless Journey Through Education

At Queen’s College, children have the opportunity to progress through their entire education within our nurturing and supportive environment. We are a High Performance Learning Pathway School (or HPL) which is a co-ordinated and communicable cross-phase educational philosophy that has helped us to develop a shared language of learning from 3-18 and which lifts the ceiling to enable even higher performance for all of our students.

We Learn Not For School But For Life

Education at Queen’s College extends far beyond the classroom. Our students benefit from a first-class education and a wide range of co-curricular enrichment options. We offer over 100 activities, including sports, outdoor education, performing arts, music, technology, and much more.

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Recognised Excellence

Academic Success – In 2023 our A Level pupils achieved a 99% pass rate and 68% 43% achieved A*-A.

Wellbeing Award – The school has recently been awarded the esteemed Wellbeing Award for Schools; the award reflects the whole school approach to fostering a culture of exceptional Wellbeing and pastoral care and the School’s core values of ambition, creativity, care and activity.

World’s Leading Boarding School- In 2023, Fortune, in co-operation with Statista, identified Queen’s as a world leading boarding school, which is a testament to our highly qualified, experienced and nurturing boarding staff and excellent facilities.

We will be forever grateful for the incredible pastoral care our son has received. He is genuinely happy to be at school and that is all down to the amazing support he has received.”
Rebecca Hine, Parent
I remember my time at Queen's with fondness and as the years pass I find myself appreciating more and more the time I spent there, not just the formal education but perhaps more importantly the environment itself and the many extra curricular activities I was exposed to; the music and drama above all, which still give me great pleasure.
Simon Wilkie, Old Queenian
"Queen's truly nurtures talent and it has instilled within me a love of performing and music that is sure to last a lifetime."
Sophia Edwards, Old Queenian
 "My Son started at Queen’s and he absolutely loves his new life. There seems to be a fair balance between academia, fun and sports. My son has settled unexpectedly well and communication with him and all staff is on point. I must say, I am happy knowing that Son is happy. If I had this choice again, it would be Queen’s College all the way.”
Ingrid Barker, Parent
'I’m in my eighth year of boarding here at Queen's and I couldn’t have asked for more of a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. To me, Hutton is my family and it has always felt so comfortable and like a home. The staff are all extremely caring and whatever the problem they can always help. Hutton has helped me to overcome my homesickness and really come out of my shell. We really are a family here and some of the people I’ve boarded with are lifelong friends and I’ll never forget some of the incredible times I have had here with them.'
‘Our student Head of House this year was elected by all the house residents to support the smooth running of the day-to-day life in the boarding house and to ensure the views of students are heard. This is my tenth year boarding now at Queen’s and I still really enjoy it, every year boarding house here is a little bit different which is what makes it so nice, especially when there’s a change of staff in charge. It’s very nice boarding here as it’s like a second home in many senses, very thankful for everything the staff have done for me over my time here.’
‘Hutton is a caring community that has helped me through some hard times. Personally I believe what makes Hutton different is the way the House Parents are never too busy. If someone is struggling, they will always have support in place, no matter what the problem is. The people in Hutton are my family. We spend the whole day together and I know we all are there for each other. Growing up in a boarding community has forced me to be independent but we all struggle sometimes and having my boarding family around me has given me friends for life and all the hugs a person will ever need. As I’m in my final year the things I will miss most is waking up in the morning when all I want to do is go back to bed then seeing my friends and forgetting about my bad morning. Also seeing my boarding family around school and knowing we have a special bond as boarders that’s never acknowledged but we all know it’s there.’
‘When I first came to the School House, I thought the teachers and staff will be really strict on me. However, the staff are really kind and always there for you. Also, one of the main bits of boarding is to meet and communicate with students that come from all around the world. The facilities in the School House are extraordinary - you can find anything from pool and table-tennis to Sky Sports and Xbox. Overall I really enjoy my time in School House thanks to the dedication of pupils and staff.’
‘I loved being a boarder at Queen's. The support I had was great, from the house parents, teachers, tutors and of course my friends who seem to have come from different parts of the world. Being far from home, I learned how to be independent and confident in making my own decisions and there is so much Queen's has to offer to prepare you well ready for the real working world. There are always activities you can participate in so will never get bored!’
Summer At Queen's

Keeping your children entertained and engaged during school holidays can be a challenge, especially for busy working parents.  That’s why we partner with a variety of exciting holiday camp providers to offer a range of options for all ages and interests.


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