Study Tips For The Easter Break

Study Tips For The Easter Break

Posted: 8th April 2022

Easter Study Tips

For our Year 13 and 11 students, the next two weeks away from school are an opportunity to have a break but, understandably, are going to be dominated by revision for the summer exams. Our Year 12 students will also be preparing for internal exams, straight after Easter. Here are some top tips for effective revision:


  • Create a detailed revision plan – List out all of your exam subjects or topics, and the amount of time you think you need to cover each. Prioritise based on the areas you feel need most work. Try dividing up your time for each subject based on the units in the revision checklist or syllabus. Once you’ve planned what you will be studying and when, put it where everyone can see it. That way others can help you stay motivated too. Revise often, cover a variety of subjects, try to do a little every day and don’t forget to plan in breaks.


  • Unplug and turn off everything – It’s tempting to distract yourself with social media or talking to friends. Find a well-lit, quiet place to study away from any distractions.


  • Have everything you need – Set up your revision space, making sure you have everything you need for the revision session. From drinks and snacks to stationery, paper and resources.


  • Try different revision methods – Research shows that doing a range of activities will benefit you. Organise your folders and simplify your class notes. Make summary skeleton notes, mind maps, audio notes and diagrams for key facts.


  • Use the revision resources from your teachers – Take advice from your teachers about the best way to revise. Work through past question papers and practise writing essays and answering questions under timed conditions.
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