Performing Arts

Performing Arts


25th June 2022

Who doesn’t love ABBA?  They’re still as popular as ever, with their £140 million hologram show in London just opening, and a fantastic Mamma Mia Day taking place at Queen’s next Monday. Over 60 students are coming together with just 9 hours to put together an all-singing, all-dancing spectacle, featuring all the top hits, from…


22nd June 2022

Dance has returned with a huge burst of energy at Queen’s this year! Zodiac at the end of the Easter term demonstrated the huge diversity of styles on offer, in a show involving over 80 students from across the prep and senior schools. For the first time in two years, audiences could see the incredible…

Greg Cook and Freya Raybould reflect on their time travelling and performing in The Tempest

31st March 2022

Greg Cook – Working with a touring company has been an engaging experience for all of us. Being able to act in different environments with a sizable amount of independence has been both fun and stressful at different times, but always oddly insightful.I myself haven’t done much acting outside of “The Tempest”, so getting into…

Prep Pupils Trinity Music Exams

17th December 2021

A very big congratulations to the following pupils who have completed a trinity music exam this term! Harry Hyams  initial grade recorder Penny Vile initial grade recorder Alex Clifton grade 1 violin India Gray initial grade piano Livi Gardner grade 1 singing Mabel Owen grade 1 singing Melanie Hamlin grade 1 singing India Gray grade…

Shrek: A Grand Return To Theatre

3rd December 2021

Anticipation ran high for this show long before it started. Since the last live drama performance of Sister Act in November 2019, Queen’s Hall had been devoid of the presence of a live audience. Until now! Shrek the musical. We saw posters everywhere, brief dance steps peeked from the door, and heard snippets of songs…