Canteen Cuisine Showcased in Classes in lead up to ‘Healthy Eating Week’

Canteen Cuisine Showcased in Classes in lead up to ‘Healthy Eating Week’

Posted: 9th June 2022

In preparation for the national ‘Healthy Eating Week’ next week, we were joined again by Holroyd Howe Executive Chef Jordan Bradley and visiting Holroyd Howe Nutritionist Molly Wisbey in our Food and Nutrition classes this week.

The interactive cooking demonstrations and nutrition classes have been organised as part of a joint initiative between school canteen caterers Holroyd Howe and Food and Nutrition and are part of a new approach that has seen the canteen championing more food sustainability and offering more new vegetarian and vegan options under their slogan ‘Future Proof Food’.

The classes this week focussed on vegetarian and vegan options offered in the canteen as pupils in KS3 with Mrs Barker replicated some of the new dish options like Black Bean Brownies and GCSE classes focussed on complex polysaccharide gelatinisation and dextrinisation and soluble and insoluble fibre as well as pastry and sauce making skills using fresh strawberries (to be served next week in the canteen).

“It was a delight to see the younger pupils replicate our new Black Bean Brownies with increased fibre, boosted with beans for extra protein and half the amount of sugar of a regular brownie. We will celebrate health and food next week with lots of fresh fruit drinks and dishes, including a smoothie bike for pupils”, said Holroyd Howe’s General Manager Nathan Simms.

“It was evident that the older pupils in their GCSE classes had a real grasp of the food science when creating their high-skilled strawberry dishes. We can’t wait to show everyone at Queen’s our activities and foods during Healthy Eating Week which will include fresh strawberry desserts like this”, added Holroyd Howe’s Operations Manager, Ross Gulley.

Look out next week for the Smoothie Making Bike and lots of fresh strawberry drinks and dishes as part of Healthy Eating Week.


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