Practical Mathematics – Custard & Wellies

Practical Mathematics – Custard & Wellies

Posted: 5th July 2023

Last week, Year 7 were challenged to work out how much custard they would need to fill a welly boot to the brim once a foot had been placed inside it! The day ran in 3 sessions, including a collaboration with Food & Nutrition, where they made the gloopy custard for the wellies and then made crème patissière for a fruit tart. They were tasked, in groups, to nominate a member to be the person who put their foot into the custard-filled welly boot and then to use their knowledge of mathematics to model both the welly and the foot using 3D shapes and volumes. 

Once they had finished their model and calculations, Mr Worthy noted how much custard they thought they would need ready for the showdown later in the day. In the meantime, the second maths session, saw the groups take part in a Columbus cube competition, where they had to use their origami skills to make accurate modules and build the tallest tower which had to stand for 10 seconds. There was excellent teamwork in these sessions and everyone was fully involved in the making of the cubes. The joint winners of this were Teniore’s and Tilly’s team, who managed to stack 8 cubes and nearly managed 9.  

At the end of the day, we all gathered on the lower with the nominated students and welly boots. Mr Worthy took on the task of filling the boots as requested by each group. On the count of ten, the students braved their feet delving into the gelatinous custard-filled boots! There were plenty of screams and much laughter. The winner of this round went to Clemence’s team. Students were then given 5 minutes to refine their estimates, many teams opting for more custard as they had underestimated the amount needed (all except Ani’s group who had massively overestimated and had spilt over). The winners of this were Madara’s team.

Well done to all students for their cooperation and hard work and of course, to the staff who helped to run the day.


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