Faculty Extension Sessions

Faculty Extension Sessions

Posted: 28th September 2023

The faculty extension sessions are the evolution of our scholars’ programme and our academic and all-rounder scholars are invited to attend six two-hour sessions on Saturdays throughout the year, which our teachers design to make them think about areas outside of their curriculum lessons.

There are sessions for Years 7-9, Years 10 and 11 and Years 12 and 13 and each session has different faculties running them.

As the year progresses some additional non-scholar pupils who have a particular strength in a field may also be invited to attend, numbers permitting.

Last Saturday Years 7-9 were treated to a Business and Marketing activity from the Humanities and a session on Secret Languages and a GCHQ Code Cracking task from the Languages faculty.

Years 10 and 11 had a joint Humanities and Science session on Rewilding and we were delighted to welcome Paddy Free (Old Q) who very kindly gave up his Saturday morning to talk about his involvement with Rewilding Europe and other projects in the UK.

Years 12 and 13 had a Food and Nutrition discussion on processed Food and an English session on literature and its connection with history.

Some quotes from the pupils who attended: “ I enjoyed the talk on rewilding as it helped me understand more about the different ways people around the world are helping to restore ecosystems and habitats. The talk and information about different rewilding projects around Europe and the UK helped me grasp better how and why people go to great lengths to re-introduce and restructure previously damaged landscapes. It also definitely helped me understand how each and every animals and species has a role to play in any ecosystem. It was a fascinating and very insightful session.” – Tristan (Year 10)

I enjoyed creating the ponchos in humanities and doing presentations. Additionally, I enjoyed learning many different languages such as pig latin.” – Freya (Year 7)

“We began with a rather enlightening lesson on ultra-processed foods. It was interesting to hear of recent advancements in the field: their widespread nature, the draining effects they have on our mind and body, and, thought-provokingly, the difficulty in eradicating them from diets nationally. Afterwards, the English scholars’ session offered a deep dive into the nuanced connections between history and literature, as well as their philosophical bases. Through various examples, our critical thinking was constantly tested, especially as the pieces grew in abstraction. I think it definitely opened our eyes to the subject’s depth. Overall, both lessons made for an engaging start to the day.” – Sevin (Year 13)

“The food tech session on processed foods and nutritional health was really thought-provoking and interesting – definitely influenced future shopping and eating habits with awareness of the effects on our health and the environment.” – Isla (Year 13)

“I really enjoyed learning about secret and unknown languages with Miss McGreal. Learning about pig Latin really interested me! I also worked with many people I don’t normally which was really fun.” – Mary-Tess (Year 9)

“I loved hearing about the different and interesting careers that could come about through both rewilding Europe and Britain. I learnt about an interesting volunteering possibility I could follow in the future, and about some of the science behind letting nature fix and build itself. It made me think about the overall direction of climate change and about conserving the last few wild places left around the world and it’s definitely something I would look into, maybe not as a permanent career, but as a gap year volunteering job? Absolutely.” – Adam (Year 11)



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