Year 6 Embarks on a Minibeast Mission with Year 1

Year 6 Embarks on a Minibeast Mission with Year 1

Posted: 22nd February 2024

This week, the budding scientists of Year 6 alongside the pupils from Year 1 transformed into skilled entomologists. Together, they delved into the hidden world of minibeasts, exploring a range of specimens from the Senior biology department.

Back in the classroom, the Year 6 scientists took on the role of the teacher, sharing their newfound knowledge with their enthusiastic pupils. The classroom buzzed with excitement as the older students expertly guided the Year 1s through the diverse world of minibeasts.

To bring their minibeast expedition to a fitting conclusion, the scientists came together for a delightful reading session. With Dr. Seuss’s rhymes taking them on a journey through the fantastical world of insects, the children laughed, learned, and solidified their newfound appreciation for these incredible creatures.

This wasn’t just a lesson about minibeasts; it was about collaboration, curiosity, and discovery. The Year 6 students gained valuable leadership and teaching skills, while the Year 1s were inspired by the enthusiasm and knowledge of their older peers.

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