Futures Week

Futures Week

Posted: 8th March 2024

This week has been all about Futures. Students had the opportunity to explore different types of jobs, see how the skills they learn in the classroom apply to the workplace and question what pathway they might take in their career.

The week started with a Futures Assembly where students learnt about some obscure jobs, listened to the pathways the current Sixth Formers have taken, watched a video from staff and parents on past careers and advice for the future. 

Destiny Fortune Challenge

The pupils were introduced to ‘Destiny Fortune’, a girl struggling with what to do in her career.  The house challenge was to decide a career pathway for her based on her strengths and weaknesses. The winner of this Futures challenge was Amelia from Barnicott House who chose a career in sales for Destiny. The prize was not just house points for Barnicott, but the opportunity to pie a teacher in the face as part of Ray’s Charity event. Well done Amelia. The runner-up was Peri from Woolmer House. 

Careers Fair 

Year 11 attended a Careers Fair on Tuesday morning which exposed them to over 30 different employers, universities and opportunities. Students enjoyed discussing future options with the likes of EDF, Quantock Marketing and The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). 

Futures Treasure Hunt

Students were invited to utilise their teamwork skills, developed across multiple subjects but in particular PE and Games, by completing the Treasure hunt on Tuesday Breaktime. The team who could find the treasure (symbols) in the quickest time won. There were over 30 participants entries and the winners were Tibet and Tristian! They won a ‘double dessert pass’ for the whole of next week!

Futures Based Classes 

Year 7-9 enjoyed multiple futures-based lessons on Wednesday ranging from Journalism in English, being a coach or umpire in PE and looking at career stereotypes in PSHE. In the pictures below from some Year 7 and 8 science classes, they explored what an engineering career might look like. They studied the devastating effect earthquakes can have on man-made structures. There were set the challenge of building a 15cm model structure that had to support a 50g mass. These were then tested to destruction in a simulated earthquake.

Pitcombe Rock Falconry 

Mr Wells from Pitcombe Rock Falconry visited during lunchtime on Wednesday with his apprentice Cameron. There were multiple birds on display for students to admire, hold and time for them to ask lots of questions. It was a brilliant event and students “flocked” over to enjoy watching and hearing about the birds.

Hospitality Experience 

Throughout this week students have read multiple pieces of advice from parents over lunch in the dining hall. Thank you to all parents who contributed to this. 

Thursday’s dining experience was particularly exciting, students in the Sixth Form helped to make lunch for students and the Years 10 and 11 students helped serve it. At Queen’s, we feel raising awareness of the importance of hospitality, is important, as often first jobs are within this industry.

International Women’s Day – Taunton Chamber of Commerce

Today (Friday 08 March)  we have been lucky enough to have Taunton Chamber of Commerce hold a ‘Celebration of International Women’ event at Queen’s. Sixth-formers have had the opportunity to listen to the speakers throughout the morning. 

This week has been fantastic, it was brilliant to see lots of students reach out for some 1-1 careers guidance. If you would like to know more about Futures at Queens please visit the futures page on our website (click here) or get in touch. 

Our next Futures week is May 20th-24th and the focus is on Careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). If you are involved in these industries and would like to be part of this week please email Phil Baker of pab@queenscollege.org.uk.

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