Prep Summer Concert

Prep Summer Concert

Posted: 24th May 2024

The audience were treated to an absolute musical feast at the Prep School Summer Concert, involving over 100 performers.  Queen’s Hall had been full of Prep rehearsals all day, with children working hard and displaying great teamwork.  It really does show the agile attitude of Queen’s Prep pupils that children were able to switch seamlessly from one activity to another, perform as a soloist or as part of a team and apply their skills across different repertoire and styles.

The Orchestra opened the concert with a rousing Ode to Joy and concluded with Don’t Stop Believin’.  It was hard to believe that these were such young players, as their combined strong sound and attention to detail hinted at much greater experience. 

String players had their moment in the spotlight next, with some returning to perform with Mrs Gullick’s Superstrings immediately afterwards. They found a confident and well-focused sound and many thanks must go to Mr Jenkins for his excellent narration of The Tortoise and The Hare.

Recorder players were represented strongly in the form of two separate ensembles under the direction of Mrs Owen, the Plasticpeckers, who offered Yellow Bird and the Tadpoles, who played Tadpoles (amongst other pieces!). Both ensembles played with clear articulation and a warm sound.

Two separate groups of bucket drummers took part and (enhanced by Mr Charles’s great lighting effects) showed a different style of music and performance.  Year 3 and 4 offered us an amazing searchlight beginning, clean rhythmic phrasing and lots of theatrical poses, along with delighting in their newly made junk shakers. Year 5 and 6 performed the ambitious Yuck, confidently layering five separate rhythms and showing they had mastered the automaticity of them all and so enjoy their performance.

The choirs made the audience laugh, cheer, cry and stop to listen carefully.  Whether this was the Year 3 and 4 choir’s aliens swimming, scratching or shaking, or the Year 5 and 6 choir’s rousing rendition of Rather Be to close the concert, they were very much appreciated and enjoyed.

Many thanks must go to all Mr Jenkins, Mrs Owen, Mrs Gullick and Mr Kenward for their musical support, Mr Charles for his inspirational technical support, Mrs Wade for all her “behind the scenes” organisational support and Mrs Swanson and Mr Burlingham for their professional stage management. 

Musicians, you absolutely triumphed this evening and should keep these happy memories and your sense of pride with you in the future.

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