QuBEC Cup 2024

QuBEC Cup 2024

Posted: 26th June 2024

The annual QuBEc Cup Competition took place on Wednesday 26th June, with two teams from Queen’s battling to regain the cup: one Business team and one Economics team. We were joined in the Queen’s Hall by King’s College Taunton, Wellington School, and Blundell’s School  to participate in the University Challenge style quiz, with Mr Green as our resident Jeremy Paxman.  The proforma being teams buzzing in for quick fire general knowledge questions, if answered correctly they were followed by a specialist question. Overall, there was a fair degree of risk-taking involved in the competition and the students had to use strong realisation skills with their speed and accuracy in problem-solving. 

All teams had two opportunities in round one or round two to accumulate the highest points possible with the top four point scorers meeting in the semi final. This was then an eliminator round to determine the teams for the final. Congratulations to King’s College Taunton Economics Team for winning the cup this year.

Many thanks to all those involved in the organisation and running of the day and to our guests for joining us. 

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