New Cricket Whites Sponsored by Vertu Motors and BMW Bridgwater: Queen’s Vs Marylebone Cricket Club

New Cricket Whites Sponsored by Vertu Motors and BMW Bridgwater: Queen’s Vs Marylebone Cricket Club

Posted: 27th June 2024

In an exciting prelude to their prestigious match against the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), Queen’s proudly unveiled their new cricket whites, crafted by Mizuno and sponsored by Vertu Motors, specifically BMW Bridgwater. The presentation ceremony marked a significant moment for the school’s cricket team, enhancing their professional appearance and reinforcing their commitment to excellence in sports.

The new kit was officially presented to Queen’s Captain Jonty, Director of Sport Tom Bell, and Head of Cricket Caroline Foster by David Duarte, Head of Business at BMW Bridgwater. The event took place on the immaculate grounds of Queen’s, providing a fitting backdrop for this special occasion.

David Duarte expressed his enthusiasm for supporting the school’s cricket team, stating, “We are delighted to partner with Queen’s College and contribute to the development of young athletes. The collaboration between Vertu Motors, BMW Bridgwater, and Queen’s College underscores our commitment to fostering talent and promoting sportsmanship.”

The new cricket whites, designed by Mizuno, feature advanced fabric technology to ensure maximum comfort and performance for the players. The sleek and modern design reflects both tradition and innovation, embodying the spirit of Queen’s College cricket.

Jonty, the captain of the Queen’s College cricket team, shared his excitement about the new kit, saying, “Wearing these new whites gives us a sense of pride and unity. We are grateful to Mizuno and our sponsors for their support. This new kit will undoubtedly boost our morale as we step onto the field.”

Tom Bell, Director of Sport, highlighted the importance of such partnerships in enhancing the sports program at Queen’s College. “The support from Vertu Motors and BMW Bridgwater is invaluable. It not only provides our team with top-quality gear but also motivates our players to strive for excellence. We are thrilled with the new kit and look forward to a successful season.”

Caroline Foster, Head of Cricket, echoed these sentiments, emphasising the role of high-quality equipment in performance. “The new cricket whites from Mizuno are exceptional. They offer the players the comfort and flexibility needed to perform at their best. We are thankful to our sponsors for their generous support.”

The unveiling ceremony was a moment of celebration and anticipation as Queen’s College prepared to face MCC in what promised to be an exciting and competitive match. The new cricket whites symbolised the team’s readiness and determination to excel, supported by the strong partnership with Vertu Motors and BMW Bridgwater.

As the players took to the field in their new kit, the sense of pride and unity was palpable. The collaboration between Queen’s College, Mizuno, and their esteemed sponsors marked a new chapter in the school’s cricketing history, promising a future of continued success and achievement.


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