Senior Sports Day 2024

Senior Sports Day 2024

Posted: 4th July 2024

Queen’s College Senior Sports Day was a resounding success, filled with excitement, competition, and community spirit. The event, marking the final day of sporting events for the school year, featured a variety of activities that kept everyone entertained and engaged. A barbecue, lively music, and an ice cream van added to the festive atmosphere, ensuring there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Throughout the day, students competed in a range of track and field events, vying for House points and individual accolades such as the Victor Ludorum and Victrix Ludorum across all year groups. The competition was fierce, with points and positions constantly changing, adding to the suspense and excitement. Each event showcased the students’ dedication, training, and sportsmanship.

The relays were particularly pivotal in determining the overall House outcomes. In the Junior age group, Barnicott emerged victorious, showcasing their athletic prowess and team spirit. Woolmer stormed to victory in the Inter age group, demonstrating their strength and coordination in each event. Meanwhile, French clinched the top spot in the Senior age group, proving their dominance with impressive performances throughout the day. The final standings were incredibly close, with only 12 points separating the top Houses. Ultimately, Woolmer was crowned this year’s Sports Day champion, celebrating their hard-earned victory with great enthusiasm and joy.

A highlight of the day was the parents vs. staff tug of war battle, which added an extra layer of fun and friendly competition. The parents emerged victorious, much to the delight of the cheering crowd. Their support and encouragement throughout the day were invaluable, contributing significantly to the event’s success. The parents’ participation and enthusiasm exemplified the strong sense of community that is a hallmark of Queen’s College.

The atmosphere was electric, with cheers and applause resonating throughout the fields as students gave their all in every event. The sense of camaraderie and friendly rivalry added to the day’s enjoyment, making it a memorable experience for everyone involved. The barbecue provided delicious food, while the music kept spirits high, and the ice cream van was a popular stop for students and spectators alike.

Queen’s College Senior Sports Day was a day to remember, filled with outstanding athletic performances, strong community support, and a joyous atmosphere. Congratulations to all the participants, especially Woolmer House, for their exceptional efforts and achievements. A heartfelt thank you to the parents for their enthusiastic involvement and encouragement, which played a crucial role in the day’s success. The event truly embodied the spirit of sportsmanship, teamwork, and school pride, leaving everyone looking forward to next year’s Sports Day with great anticipation.

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