Prefects POV 03 December 2021

Prefects POV 03 December 2021

Posted: 3rd December 2021

Putting on a musical is always a huge feat but with the help of outstanding crew and with the hard work of our directors and other staff members, Shrek the musical was a real hit. Despite mystery illness, clashes with sports fixtures and only two little piggies the cast put on a total of five extremely successful performances. 

After a full weekend of rehearsals we were all filled with emotion, ready to perform for the first time in a long time. For a lot of us performing is a massive part of our lives so the ability to perform once again was an emotional and unimaginable moment. 

Thinking back to that first weekend when we all sat together with our new director introducing ourselves and, for some of us, meeting people in different year groups for the first time. We spent time rejoicing and connecting over hours we have spent enjoying performing arts. We quickly got to auditions, and then first rehearsals, costume measurements and set being built all around us when suddenly it all began to feel quite real. 

In our final dress rehearsal the wave of panic began to fade as we all became more comfortable with where we had to be and at what time we had to be there. We began to feel the musical theatre sparkle in the big numbers and then we felt ready. Our performances went down a hit, with an explosion of positive responses from teachers, students, parents and the general public. 

Thank you to the amazing crew who made the show go off without a hitch, as well as the Food Tech department for supplying amazing Shrek themed food for our hungry audiences and to Mr and Mrs Noad for the after show cast party. We also want to give a massive thank you to everyone who came to watch the show because without an audience, there is no show. Thank you. 





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