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QuBEc Cup Winners

QuBEc Cup Winners

Posted: 1st July 2022


The QuBEc cup was a fantastic event held yesterday in the Queen’s Hall. We were joined by four other schools including King’s College, King’s Worcester, Dauntsey’s School and Bristol Grammar School.  The tournament took the form of all schools playing each other and leading to a semi-final and final in the afternoon.  Each team of Economics or Business had to answer a general knowledge question followed by either a Business or Economics question.  It was a competitive event enjoyed by all.

The semi-finals and finals in the afternoon were both Queen’s College v King’s College and were very tense.  It looked like King’s were going to win the final but in the end Queen’s managed to pull it out of the bag to win the tournament and the Quebec cup.  The winning Business team included Edie, Ted and  Millie who all contributed magnificently with having excellent general knowledge as well as A* Business knowledge.

Congratulations should also go to Hattie , Hew and Dylan who were also brilliant and ended 3rd in the tournament.  Huge thanks should go to Ms Rust for organising and delivering the day and making it so much fun for the students.



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