Supreme Sizzling School Sausages

Supreme Sizzling School Sausages

Posted: 2nd February 2023

The kitchen classrooms have been buzzing with the sounds of sausages sizzling in the frying pans after pupils from across the school made the very first Queen’s College, local, free-range, organic, pork and apple herby sausages from the meat from our own school pigs. </p>

Pupils learnt about preparing the free-range local pork for the mincer, then experimented with different ingredient combinations, before getting to grips with the new sausage machines and being taught how to handle the new sausage fillers.

There was plenty of looping and twisting of the long snake-like banger lengths to make the individual homemade sausages that the pupils cooked up in class.While classes looked at the long list of ingredients on the average cheap pack of common sausages which included additives, preservatives, and sulphites such as sodium metabisulphite, sugar in the shape of dextrose, stabilisers like diphosphates designed to hold the water and ascorbic acid, to keep the meat pink for longer, none of these were in our supreme school sausages.

“The secret to the best bangers is using only the very best quality meat, good seasoning and a little local fruit”, said Mr Mann Head of Food and Nutrition, “that’s what makes our sausages the best”. A huge thanks to the Food Teachers Centre organisation for gifting the new sausage machines to our pupils here at Queen’s College.

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