British Physics Olympiad

British Physics Olympiad

Posted: 7th February 2024

A huge congratulations goes out to our Y13 Physicists for their success in the British Physics Olympiad. Of our six entries, two were commended (Toby, Pure) three were awarded Bronze Certificates (Tadhg, Jan-Albert, Joshua) and one was awarded a Gold (Sevin).

The British Physics Olympiad aims to encourage the study of physics and recognise excellence in young physicists. An annual exam is designed to challenge the future Newtons and Einsteins with questions that are based on the A-level specification but taken to a much higher level. Our physicists had spent co-curricular time preparing for this, exploring ways to tackle complex problems.  This year’s questions included using calculus to derive an expression for air pressure as a function of height, exploring how to get to Mars using an elliptical orbit of the sun and solving some of the engineering challenges of offshore wind turbines.

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