Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service Visit Year 2 & 5

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service Visit Year 2 & 5

Posted: 29th February 2024

Today, the Year 2 and 5 students were treated to an enlightening workshop led by the Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service. Throughout the session, they delved into essential knowledge about handling emergency situations and safeguarding themselves from potential fire hazards. The workshop provided invaluable insights into the proper procedures to follow during emergencies, equipping the children with crucial life-saving skills. Additionally, the topic of hoax calls was thoroughly addressed, impressing upon the students the gravity of such actions and the profound impact they could have on someone’s life. This interactive and informative experience not only heightened the students’ awareness but also instilled a sense of responsibility within them, empowering them to contribute positively to their communities.


The Year 2 children really enjoyed listening to Simon from the Fire and Rescue Service about how to keep themselves safe.  They learnt about how to use the 999 emergency number and what to do if they ever needed to call it.  The Stop, Drop and Roll rule was also taught, ensuring that the children know what to do if their clothing ever was to catch fire.  The children were given the challenge of asking parents to check that the smoke detectors at home work – a little reminder for you all!  


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