Final Faculty Extension Sessions Of The Year

Final Faculty Extension Sessions Of The Year

Posted: 9th May 2024

Last Saturday saw the final Faculty Extension Sessions of the year (for all academic scholars and invited others). In the Year 7-9 session pupils had an hour exploring, and trying out basic Cryptographic methods. Followed by an hour in English, converting poetry (Chainsaw Vs the Pampas Grass by Simon Armitage).

For Years 10 and 11 there was an hour literature masterclass, focussing on Macbeth, encouraging a deeper understanding of a key GCSE text. This was followed by a glimpse into the world of combinatorics and permutations with the maths faculty.

Years 12 and 13 had a single, longer, session with Dr Ferraro exploring the implications of sea level rise. They looked at the way we use science to make decisions that impact our society and environment, exploring it through multiple different perspectives, from engineering to ecology to sociology.

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