Nursery and Minis Round Up 10 May 2024

Nursery and Minis Round Up 10 May 2024

Posted: 9th May 2024


This week, Cottontails continued exploring different colours. They used chalk paint to make marks in the sensory tray and enjoyed some sunshine in the garden just like last week. Some of the children even practised their physical skills by taking steps and walking with the walkers.

The Tiggywinkles stuck with their favourite book, “The Gruffalo,” this week. They had more fun creating woodland collages and singing the Gruffalo song. The lovely weather meant they spent lots of time in the garden again, blowing dandelions and driving their cars.

The Puddleducks’ beach theme and role-play continued this week. They kept enjoying building sandcastles, pretending to swim in the sea, fish, and of course, savour delicious ice creams they made in their ice-cream parlour. Their creativity continued with making their own flip-flops and rainbow fish, and they even finished painting a sea scene as a class. They continued learning about the different sea animals and how to stay safe at the beach.


This week the children went on their first Forest School trip of the term to Fyne Court just as the weather has fortunately decided to take a turn for the better. The journey in the College minibuses always give the trip an exciting feel and once they had their Forest School treat of a chocolate biscuit and chocolate milkshake the children went off to explore all the wonderful bluebells and new life that Spring has to offer. As the children walked through the grounds they learned several wildflower names, stopped to look up to observe the cloud formations dotted across the blue sky, investigated the undergrowth in search of bugs and helped to contribute towards the creation of a minibeast hotel. 

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