STEM Week 2024

STEM Week 2024

Posted: 23rd May 2024

This week our students in the Senior School have had the opportunity to get involved in various STEM (Science, technology, Engineering, Mathematics) activities. We were very lucky to have the Army visiting our school on Monday, delivering sessions around STEM and team building. This included building their own model car, map reading and learning about the science behind weaponry. 

Tuesday’s ‘Drain Challenge’ saw students compete to move a ping pong uphill using only drains. Well done to our winners Carlota, Emma and Teniore!

On Wednesday, Tom Foley (International Rugby Referee) delivered insightful talks on structural engineering to Years 9 and 10, and a more detailed talk to our sports scholars on his rugby refereeing career. Highlights were seeing the buildings Tom has designed overseas and more locally like the new canopy down at Buckfast Abbey. Sport Scholars enjoyed asking multiple questions about being a professional referee, especially asking about things that go on behind the scenes.

Jude Smith from Numatics (Henry vacuum cleaners), Chard spoke to Year 7 and 8 on Thursday – Jude spoke about the STEM opportunities within local as well as international engineering firms and demonstrated where these opportunities could take the students.  Jude also discussed the variety of opportunities such firms can provide; it was not only about engineering, there were employment opportunities for scientific researchers, IT and human resources to name but a few.  The students were encouraged to look at the increasing range of pathways towards employment that firms, such as Numatics, had to offer.

Various cricketers also enjoyed a trip to Somerset County Cricket Ground on Thursday to hear from Scott Thomas on his career in sporting analytics. They heard about how he uses the data he collects throughout the seasons to prepare players to play against opposite teams. They were also granted an insight into Team Somerset’s game plan against Durham this weekend! Students were able to explore how helmet technology has advanced, as well as the new umpire Go Pro cameras that are being introduced. Additionally, they were given the opportunity to visit the team changing rooms and were able to sit in their favourite players’ cubicles and the dugout!

Also on Thursday, our Year 12 pupils were given the opportunity to experience some barista training in our new Cafe, The Wyvern Roost, thanks to our Catering Manager Andy Parton. They were told about the way coffee is grown, as well as about the different tools and processes used. After a demonstration, they made their own lattes, cappuccinos, milkshakes and frappes before tasting their creations!

For further pictures of each event, visit our Flickr page.

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