Year 7 Familiarisation Day

Year 7 Familiarisation Day

Posted: 6th June 2024

By Mrs Spall, Year 7 Year lead 

What a day! The Year 6 pupils eagerly embraced their transition day into Year 7, filled with a blend of excitement and nervous anticipation. They were welcomed by myself, and Pixie and Lola from our current Year 7 cohort. They explained how useful the transition day was for them last year and gave the Year 6s top tips about speaking with new people, getting involved and making the most of the opportunities. The Year 6s enjoyed a day of exciting lessons, meeting their future teachers and tutors, and engaging in a variety of interactive activities designed to ease their move to secondary school. They even explored the new environment with Mr Noad and me, who gave a fantastic tour imbued with history and interesting facts about the school. Even I learned a lot! The day was marked with laughter, games, new friendships and a growing sense of confidence as they all navigated the larger site and sampled subjects they had yet to experience. By the end of the day, their initial anxieties had melted away, replaced by enthusiasm and a strong sense of belonging in their new school community.

Parents were welcomed with a presentation in Queen’s Hall and were reunited with their children at our amazing family BBQ. Thanks to all who were a part of the day, it really was fantastic and the Year 6s were incredible. I now look forward to September, and to the first day of the new Year 7. This transition event has given me a glimpse of the exciting journey ahead, and I can’t wait to begin.

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