The Wyvern Roost: A Brewing Success!

The Wyvern Roost: A Brewing Success!

Posted: 13th June 2024

The opening of The Wyvern Roost (named by Year 7 pupil Shay, pictured below) at Queen’s has been a remarkable success, quickly becoming a beloved place for students, staff, and parents alike. Students have particularly appreciated The Wyvern Roost as a casual shared space during lunch and break times. The cosy, informal environment offers a perfect retreat to unwind aside from their academic schedules. Whether it’s a catch-up with friends or a quiet moment with a book, The Wyvern Roost is quickly becoming the go-to spot for our students.

For the staff, The Wyvern Roost serves as an ideal meeting space both during and outside of working hours. Parents have also found comfort in the new facility during pick-up times and sports matches, offering a comfortable place for parents to unwind and socialise with other parents. 

Recently, The Wyvern Roost also became a hub for hands-on learning experiences. A group of our Year 12 students completed barista training there, gaining valuable skills and knowledge in coffee preparation and hospitality. Several students have also had the opportunity to complete work experience at the coffee shop. Additionally, it has been enjoyed as a venue during co-curricular times, providing a laid-back alternative to traditional classroom settings. 

The Wyvern Roost offers exceptional coffee made by our talented barista Matt Bond (pictured below), as well as delicious home-made bakes and snacks, made by our in-house catering team. If you have not had the chance to visit The Wyvern Roost yet, we highly recommend you do! More information about opening times and menus can be found here. 

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