Nursery and Minis Round Up

Nursery and Minis Round Up

Posted: 20th June 2024


The children in Highgrove have been continuing to enjoy the lovely weather with a variety of garden-based activities.

Cottontails are continuing to explore activities based on their book ‘Bigger Digger’ by creating their digger picture and enjoying exploring the sensory play. 

Tiggywinkles have been learning about using tools and resources safely from cutting with the scissors to working together to build big towers. Some of the older Tiggywinkles children have also enjoyed a visit to Puddleducks to support their transitions next month.

Puddleducks have been busy learning about insects and bugs. They freed insects from a spider web and engaged in some leaf printing. They also supported the younger children on their visit by explaining the routine and helping them to settle in.


The end of the academic year is fast approaching and Queen’s Minis children treated their parents to an end-of-year dance performance showcasing all the skills they have been working hard to develop throughout the year. The skills they have developed include skipping, galloping, side-ways skipping and learning key fundamental ballet positions. Other activities this week have included making chocolate pastry swirls and observational paintings of themselves, as well as sensory explorations with porridge play and pom poms. 

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