Nursery and Minis Round Up

Nursery and Minis Round Up

Posted: 21st March 2024


Highgrove Nursery has been enjoying the lovely weather this week. Lots of time has been spent in the garden, sensory trays have been full and there has been plenty of time to use all of the outdoor bikes and trikes.

Cottontails have enjoyed being outside on the slide, with some children mastering the skills and confidence to become more independent. The babies also enjoyed some messy play creating some Easter cards, as well as having some spring picnics in the playrooms teaching the children how to eat away from the table, in preparation for the summer months.

Tiggywinkles’ focus story has been ‘Animal Boogie’ this week. The children have been learning the animal’s sounds and have enjoyed some animal-themed yoga. The children also enjoyed gathering some leaves from the garden to create some lovely leaf collages.

Puddleducks have been learning about recycling this week, supported by their ‘Peppa Pig, Recycling Fun’ book. The children have enjoyed organising the different materials in the role-play area into their correct recycling boxes. There has also been lots of discussion about Easter and the children have made some beautiful Easter cards to share with family and friends.


The children in Queen’s minis have had another fabulous week with lots of exciting visits and activities to enrich their learning. They had a parent visit from Hinkley Point to talk about the world’s largest crane which inspired the children to build and create their own ‘Hinkley station’ which linked to the Prep’s school’s recent science day.

In this week’s Forest School session, the children walked to see Mr and Mrs Noad’s chickens, where they discovered that eggs come in different colours. The children also enjoyed making a fuss of  Mr Noad’s dog Percy!


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