Prefects POV by Matthew Empsall

Prefects POV by Matthew Empsall

Posted: 25th March 2022

Wordle Has Taken Social Media By Storm

With exams encroaching, the year 13s have been working hard recently. However, a new phenomenon has taken over the study room during revision breaks: “Wordle”. “Wordle” is a brain puzzle game that has popped up out of nowhere and taken social media by storm. Growing massively in popularity in recent months as “the” brain game to play.

Like most brain games then it is having a positive impact on improving your brain power, however it is a game where you have to make sure to play it positively and not allow any frustration to take over if you are finding it difficult to solve that particular day’s puzzle as that will undo any positive effects that the game would otherwise have. You have to see it as a challenge to be conquered and keep plucking away at it.


If you do manage to complete the level then you will probably be extremely satisfied with yourself, which is a result of the production of dopamine which is the neurotransmitter which is linked with feeling pleasure, satisfaction and motivation. As a result, completing a level of wordle has the potential to give you the positive boost you need to start your day as well as getting your brian and specifically your problem solving skills warmed up. This boost that you get is also going to be positive for your mental health, as well as just being a fun and engaging activity for you to do.


Brain puzzles such as this, if played frequently for prolonged periods of time have been shown to improve people’s performance in tasks testing their memory, reasoning and attention skills as well as having positive impacts on lots of other areas of brain function. It has been estimated that especially in older people, playing these brain games has been shown to have brain functions similar to people who are up to a decade younger than them. Especially in areas such as problem solving. Furthermore, some studies have shown that by frequently playing these types of games and keeping your brain active then this can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease by five years.


As well as these word games then it is important to remember that other activities such as exercise are just as important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and can be just as good for you. It is important to do a bit of everything in moderation. Games like wordle are a new, fun and engaging twist on the classic brain puzzle allowing people to have yet another game that allows them to exercise their brain to its full extent.

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