Meet Hayden: An Aspiring Physiotherapist from Queen’s College Taunton

Meet Hayden: An Aspiring Physiotherapist from Queen’s College Taunton

Posted: 18th April 2024

A Move to Queen’s Has Brought a Wealth of Opportunity for Aspiring physiotherapist: Hayden’s Story

Hayden, a young and ambitious individual with a passion for physiotherapy, has found a wealth of opportunities at Queen’s College Sixth Form. Since joining in Year 12, he has taken on leadership roles, excelled in academics and sports, and secured offers from five universities to pursue his dream career.

Hayden’s journey to Queen’s began with a desire for a change. After year 11, he was drawn to the school’s welcoming atmosphere and the presence of several county cricket players, believing it would be a perfect fit for his personality and aspirations.

Two years in, Hayden describes Queen’s as an “Exciting, busy family.” He has thrived in this environment, taking on the role of Head of Sixth Form, leading initiatives, and speaking in assemblies. His dedication to sports is evident in his captaincy of the football team and his achievements at county level in cricket.

Academically, Hayden is driven and has already achieved an A* in his A-level PE mock, a subject he cherishes thanks to the exceptional support from his teachers. His hard work has paid off, securing him offers from five universities to study physiotherapy, with his sights currently set on Winchester.

Beyond academics, Hayden has embraced diverse experiences. He participated in the Barcelona hockey tour, gaining valuable exposure to international competition. He also played a key role in planning the Christmas ball for the Sixth Form, demonstrating his organisational skills and leadership potential.

Looking ahead, Hayden is brimming with excitement. He eagerly anticipates the upcoming cricket season, especially the highly anticipated match against Wells, fueled by the strong team spirit and camaraderie he enjoys. The Spring and Summer Balls, along with the Sixth Form talent show where he will showcase his talents and oversee the event’s promotion, are further highlights on his calendar. Finally, his A-levels remain a focus, and he is determined to excel.

When asked about the best aspects of Queen’s Sixth Form, Hayden emphasises the relaxed yet challenging environment that fosters academic achievement without undue stress. He highlights the exceptional social events and the supportive guidance of the Head of Sixth Form as reasons why others should choose Queen’s.

Hayden’s story is a testament to the wealth of opportunities and nurturing environment that Queen’s Sixth Form offers its students. With his dedication, leadership skills, and passion for physiotherapy, Hayden is well on his way to achieving his goals and making a positive impact in the world.


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